Thursday, October 1, 2009

Typhoon Ketsana, known locally as "ONDOY"

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Last September 26 2009 the typhoon Ondoy,was really a tragedy. We all need unity especially at these calamity. Many had lost their property, houses and even thousandths of lives. This is a lesson that proves no matter what status in life you had, you can never escape this natural disaster. I realized a lot of things because of "Ondoy". I even experienced walking at the flood with the water below my hips.We all had no choice but to walk so we can go home that day because the streets are non passable for vehicles. I haven't imagine before that I would walk at the flood like that. And things really happened inevitably. Philippines is definitely unprepared for this tragedy. I pray that things will be settled immediately. The storm had destroyed thousandths of lives and it makes me wonder how these people will move on after what had happened. For sure, the Philippines will have a sudden recession because of this.

In this kind of situation some are happy because of poverty,what they are experiencing now and how hard is the life,this is the time they can ask for help.. For me all the things what happen in this country, is have a many good reason.

  • sometimes typhoon will happen,it might be the weapon to waken up the government to do some improvement o changes to our country and countrymen,because for sure there is a solution.
  • in this situation, help the people to choose who's the right person to become a leader someday.

Of course many people DON'T LIKE this, especially businessmen,workers,employees and students like us. because the class will be suspended in a many days.

And why?In the middle of the crises of our country, is have a opportunist like the people who, push the boat.(hahaha), w/ the over price in transportation fee, and this is because of poverty.

Like in the topic ''Frustration and Conflict'', some people intend to ask higher fees for the transportation.

In Compromise reaction say that:

in many life situations, frustration cannot be reduced by either aggresive or withdrawal reactions, but only in compromise.

During this type of situation people become practical for there survival instinct.

I think the poverty, the cause why he/she do like this job.


s we all know General Psychology explains the principles of human behavior

BEHAVIOR is how we conform to certain situations. For the fast few days, also today we saw how people acted om the natural calamity that bombarded the Metro Manila. For those who bad a first-hand experience of Ondoy's onslaught, their instinct, to survive led them to cross the rooftops to be able to land in the safe ground
people who were stranded in flooded areas had been rescued by government affiliated institutions like the PNRC(Phil. National Red Cross) NOCC(National Disaster Coordinating Council),who not only did the rescue due to obligations to public, but as well their compassion to those who are needy. oh wait, but what happen to Gloria's Administration? NOTHING!!!!!!


1. Pollution of drinking water (clean drinking water becomes scarce)
2. Structures such as buildings get damaged due to flood water.
3. Landslides.
4. People and livestock die due to drowning. It can also lead to epidemics and diseases.
5. Unhygienic conditions. Spread of water-bourne diseases.
6. Shortage of food crops can be caused due to loss of entire harvest.
7. Economic hardship, (temporary decline in tourism, rebuilding costs, food shortage leading to price increase etc)

Flooding can bring benefits, such as making soil more fertile and providing nutrients in which it is deficient. Periodic flooding was essential to the well-being of ancient communities along the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers, the Nile River, the Indus River, the Ganges and the Yellow River, among others.

Because of the flood, that had suddenly attacked the Metro Manila and nearby other provinces, it had affected the human needs.


1. PHYSICAL NEEDS(foods, water, clothing, shelter, and medicine)
(social needs)
4. SELF RESPECT(steem needs)
(self realization needs)

According to him some motives are stronger than others. For example the situation now has a great call for the physical needs and safety needs as compared to love and belonging self, respect and personal growth.